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Modified Truck & Tractor Pull

2 Wheel Drive Modified Trucks, Tractors & Super Stock Tractors

Modified Tractors: Awesome Multi-Engine, Ground Pounding Machines

Modified tractors are unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a farm!! Take a farm tractor and strip it down to just the rear end and rebuild it with all custom parts with a number of possible engine combinations. You can use two or three automotive engines, aircraft engines, or jet turbines or a combination of all. What you get is what is known as a “Modified” Pulling Tractor. Mounting the engines in various configurations; crank to crank, sideways, or even stacking them, make the competition even tougher. Hook these tractors up to a transfer sled and just watch the dirt fly with wheel speeds in excess of 80 mph!

Modified Tractors with that much horsepower are the loudest of all tractor classes. Tractor pulling is one of the few motor sports where the fans can actually feel the power!!! Don’t forget to cover your ears!!!

2-Wheel Drive Trucks: Wheel-Standing Modified Trucks

The Two-Wheel Drive class is considered the funny cars of pulling. These wheel standers run with fiberglass S-10 Chevy bodies, Dodge Dakotas, Ford Super duties and 23 Ford T-buckets. You name it and they are running it. They are producing upwards of 2,500 horsepower.

Super Stock Tractors: Heavy Metal, Smoking Iron Super Class

The Super Stock tractor class allows four different types of tractors in the same class. Weights and regulations make this class very competitive. Super Stocks weigh 8,500 lbs and are limited to three turbo stages and 30.5 x 32 tires. The alcohol Super Stocks limit is 504 cid and weigh in at 7,500 lbs.

July 19
It's a sunny, warm, gorgeous day at the fairgrounds! Come visit for rides, food, vendors and tractor pulls!
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