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Since 1857...

Since 1857, the Hemlock “Little World’s” Fair has been educating and entertaining people of all ages, from all walks of life and from literally all parts of the world.

When one ponders all the global changes our “Little World” has seen since 1857, it is quite amazing an organization like ours is not only still in existence, but has actually kept growing. Considering we, as are most county fairs, are mostly volunteers, this is, indeed, quite a feat.

The Hemlock Fair started off the new century with a very prestigious award. Due to the efforts of some of our volunteers, the Hemlock Fairgrounds was placed on The National Register of Historic Places in July 2000. We are now nationally recognized as contributing to, and preserving the nation’s history and heritage. This accomplishment took well over a year of hard work and hundreds of hours to complete. At the time we were honored with this award, ours was the only fairgrounds listed in the national register from New York State. Hopefully, we have set an example for others to follow in pursuing this national recognition.

A Message From The President

Welcome to the 2024 Hemlock “Little World’s” Fair, a proud tradition since 1857. We showcase animals
and agriculture from Livingston County, and take pride in sharing our agricultural heritage. We strive to
provide the most affordable family-friendly entertainment and education to the surrounding
communities. Grandstand events are always exciting, with horses and horsepower keeping everyone on
their feet! The Flying Wallendas, PAWS for Applause Canine Exhibition, and the Party Animals Petting
Zoo are sure to be a hit with the young and the young-at-heart! Our midway, vendors and
entertainment will provide something interesting for everyone.
There is something for everyone at the Hemlock Fair with events, exhibits, and activities that focus on
the past, present and future. Many families have been attending our Fair for generations. Thank you for
attending the Hemlock “Little World’s” Fair and making it part of your family tradition. We are sure you
will have a wonderful time!


– Dave Gilbert, President

Mission Statement

The Hemlock Lake Union Agricultural Society is a caretaker of a part of upstate New York’s agricultural heritage.

This organization maintains documents, artifacts, traditions, buildings, structures and grounds that have historical significance to the people of Livingston County and its environs.

Hemlock Fair Officers

President: David Gilbert
1st Vice-President: Mark Shero
2nd Vice-President: Pete Lead
Operations Manager: James Wingate
Secretary: Paula Kritz
Treasurer: Jane Barnette


Bruce Beardsley
Fay Schneider
Jim Wingate
Audrey Arber
Phil Kidney
Jack Gallagher

Sponsor Committee

Audrey Arber
David Gilbert
James Wingate
Paula Kritz
Karen Coty
Carol Nichols
Rhonda Coykendall

July 19
It's a sunny, warm, gorgeous day at the fairgrounds! Come visit for rides, food, vendors and tractor pulls!
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