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Come Out & Work This Summer!

We have a rewarding opportunity for someone GREAT with money and people we need a gate Supervisor. We had the very best but she has new commitments and is unable to do it this year. We will also be looking for car parkers and gate staff in a few weeks so keep July 16 – 20 free so you can make a few extra $$$$$. If you are good with money and people please message us and someone will contact you with ALL the details. Working at the Hemlock “Little World’s” Fair is always a great time.

The Hemlock Fair will start hiring for the 2024 season soon!! Please select the position you are interested in to apply online.

Parking lot crew members help park cars during the week of the Fair. 

Gate crew members sell and collect tickets at our entrance gates on the fairgrounds.

Grounds crew members help with cleanup and miscellaneous tasks as needed around the fairgrounds. 

Want to Volunteer Instead?

We have a number of areas where volunteers are needed and greatly appreciated! 

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