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Kids Mini Tractor Pull

Daily Tuesday Through Saturday at 4pm

The Kids Mini Tractor Pulls are held daily Tuesday through Saturday at 4:00pm. The event is for children in 5 weight class groups: 15-39, 40-59, 60-79, 80-99, 100-120. Once a child is signed up, he or she can return every day to try again if they did not come in first place.

Each child is on a pedal tractor and pulls a weighted sled as far as they can go. Feet must be on the pedals at all times and no inching of the tractor is allowed. As the sled is dragged, the weights move forward, making it harder to pull. A full pull is 50 feet. There are two tractor sizes: a small one for the first two weight classes and a larger one for the last three weight classes. The 1st place winner of each age group gets a trophy, 2nd and 3rd place receive small John Deere toys, and all participants receive a ribbon. All 1st place Trophy winners from daily pulls are eligible to return Saturday at 5:00pm for a Pull-Off and a large Trophy.

This is a fun event for children so don’t miss out! Come sign up early at the Fair Office or prior to the pulls to participate. The pulling track is located near the Nurse’s Station.

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