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Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

The Hemlock "Little World's" Fair

  1. An entry fee of 10% of the first premium will be charged in all departments except the 4-H Club and School Art Department where no entry fee is imposed. In addition to these entry fees, each exhibitor must purchase a weekly pass or exhibitor ticket, except the 4-H Club, School Art exhibitors and F.F.A.
  2. Each exhibitor should see that his entry is made in the right division and that his stock is ready to be shown at the proper time. This rule will be strictly enforced. The advertised program will be followed as nearly as possible, and no complaint will be tolerated from those who are not ready.
  3. All entries must be accompanied with the proper entrance fee and no entrance fee will be returned to the owner if he does not show, except for a reasonable cause.
  4. Exhibitors of livestock will be furnished the necessary helper’s tickets, not exceeding one for each $9.00 of entrance money paid and no more than 3 to one exhibitor. Weekly, exhibitor and helper’s tickets are not transferable; if presented by other than the rightful owner, these tickets will be taken up; and if lost a new ticket must be purchased at the regular season ticket rate. Positively no admission at the gate without a ticket.
  5. The number of livestock entries accepted will be limited to the capacity of our stock sheds. All exhibitors will be expected to observe the 30 day ownership rule and should be prepared to furnish an affidavit of such ownership on request.
  6. The weekly or exhibitor ticket must be presented to the Secretary at time of making entry.
  7. Any person entering any animal in any other than the real owner’s name will not be allowed to receive a premium – even though awarded by the committee.
  8. All entry tags must be tacked on pens, or no premium will be awarded.
  9. No animal shall be shown in more than one individual class, except, the animal can be shown in one or all of the group classes if eligible.
  10. No article, unless deemed worthy, will receive a premium, whether there is competition or not.
  11. All premium stock to be on the grounds until 8:00pm on the last day of the Fair, unless special leave is granted by the President. No other articles may be removed from the grounds until 9:00pm the last day of the Fair unless leave be granted by the President. Any violation of this rule will be held as a forfeiture of the premiums.
  12. This Association assumes no responsibility in case of loss or damage to stock or other exhibits from any cause, and upon this condition only are entries received. The Association does not assume any liability for personal injuries or accidents from any cause whatsoever.
  13. No gambling will be permitted on the grounds.
  14. Stalls or pens will be furnished. Feed and bedding for livestock will not be furnished in any department by the Association.
  15. Only one premium will be awarded to an exhibitor unless there is competition.
  16. Premiums will be paid by check on November 1st, and all premiums must be demanded before December 1 . All bills and premiums not presented by December of that year will be considered as donation to the Society.
  17. Judges will act on Dairy Cattle at 11:00am on the third day. Judges will act on Beef Cattle at 3:00 pm on the fourth day. Judges will act on Sheep at 4:00 pm on the third day.
  18. The Secretary will be glad to answer any inquiries relating to the coming exhibition, and a premium list may be had at any time upon request.
  19. All protests made in writing to the Secretary within two hours from the awarding of the premiums will be thoroughly investigated.
  20. No premiums will be awarded for articles not listed.
  21. The President shall define the duties of the officers of the Fair and shall instruct them on the first day of the Fair.
  22. It is expected that all officers of the Society will be on hand promptly during the Fair, prepared to take their share of the responsibility and to perform the duties assigned to them. Badges may be had from the Secretary. All officers must be members of the Society.
  23. The Superintendents and police are requested to report at the office of the Secretary at 10:00am of the first day of the Fair to receive their instructions and to assist in the arrangement of their departments.
  24. Every member of the Board of Managers is required to see that the above rules are rigidly enforced and report all violations to the President.
  25. Note to the Commercial Exhibitors: All commercial exhibitors will be charged a mutually agreed upon fee for front footage. Those exhibitors occupying space in permanent buildings will be charged a sum mutually agreed upon by the exhibitor and the Association before the booth is occupied. All exhibits not ready will be penalized.
  26. NY State container regulations apply.
  27. 4-H exhibit space is first. Any space available after 4-H, is available for open class. If there is no space available, the exhibitor’s name will be placed on a list for future space availability. Because of safety reasons for personnel and traffic flow, only designated exhibit areas are assigned.
  28. The Fair Management reserves the right to refund the price of admission and escort from Fair-controlled property any person or group of persons that, in the opinion of Fair Management, causes undue disruption of Fair operations or harassment of it’s exhibitors or it’s clientele.
  29. NOTE: Due to the uncertain economic situation at the state level, regarding the reduction and/or elimination of state funding for premium monies paid to the county fairs, our premiums may be required to be reduced.
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