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“The Flying Wallenda’s are one of the most recognizable names in circus history. They have dedicated their lives to creating world-class performances sure to amaze audiences of all ages”.

Tino Wallenda

Descended from a rich Circus heritage that spans nearly 200 years and the 6th generation of performers, Tino is the leader of the (Flying) Wallenda family troupe. The Wallendas hold several accolades in the Guinness Book of Records for accomplishing both 8 and 10 Person Pyramids on the tight rope (2001). Other awards include the Silver Clown from the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival (2004). Among his high altitude walks are traversing a cable between a crane and the Denver D & F
Tower 189 feet in the air (1987) and a 1 kilometer crossing of the Han River in Seoul, Korea (2008).

Tino and his wife, Olinka (also a
6th generation performer), have 4 children; Alida, Andrea, Aurelia and Alex. All of whom have taken part in the family tradition of wire walking. Alida, Aurelia and Alex continue to be active in the Circus fulfilling the legacy of their ancestors. They are also blessed with 7 grandchildren, Ysabella and Zaira, Michael, Lukas, Tomas, Marcus and Matteo. Ysabella is the 8th generation of the family to perform having begun at the age of 6. The family has been the feature of television documentaries on the Discovery Channel, TLC, A & E and the History Channel. Since establishing Circus Maranatha in 1978 at the invitation of their pastor, Neville Gritt, Tino and the family have been involved performing and sharing their testimony at numerous churches and national Christian television programs including the 700 Club, 100 Huntley Street, PTL and Praise the Lord. Their missionary travels have taken them to many foreign lands including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa
Rica, Panama, Canada, and Kenya. For the over 20 years their primary opportunity of spiritual and motivational influence has been through Bill Glass Champions for Life, Inmate Encounter and The Winning Edge ministering to inmates in the prisons and jails of the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and South Africa.

Aurelia Wallenda

Performing has been the motivating tradition in Aurelia’s heritage for 7 generations. Her ancestry includes some of the royalty in the circus world. Czechoslovakia’s unicycling champions – the Bertinis, the daring Wallenda family and the supreme equistrian acrobats of horse-bareback riding – the Zoppès. Her career began at the tender age of 3 1⁄2 as she valiantly filled in for her mother’s
absence on the high wire. Her elegance, grace and beauty is the result of the mentoring of her talented mother, Olinka. Combined with the collaboration of her aerial mentor, her Uncle Sacha Pavlata,
they thrilled circus audiences together on the Double Cloudswing in the ’80’s and ’90’s. In 2008, Aurelia crossed the Han River in Seoul, Korea. A 1-kilometer cable stretched across the fast moving flow of the river. Today, in addition to her grace and agility on the high wire, Aurelia performs her own unique twist in aerial acrobatics on the Flying Cloudswing.

Alessandro Wallenda

Alessandro made his first appearance with his family when he was
less than two years old. At the age of 7, he made his debut on the wire in St.
Louis where he crossed a span of over 30 feet. When asked when he
planned to do this feat again, his reply was, “Every show from now on!” To
his credit, Alex has the distinction of being the youngest wire walker, at the
age of 14, to hold the Wallenda 7-Person Pyramid. And most recently, in
2009, to duplicate his sister, Aurelia’s crossing of the Hahn River in Seoul –
An incredible 1-kilometer Skywalk! When on the ground, Alex rival’s his
wire walking abilities with his accomplished juggling skills. And now, his
proudest accomplishment, a son – Matteo, born April 18, 2019, with his

lovely wife – Claire ………

Claire Kuciejczyk-Kernan Wallenda

Claire Kuciejczyk-Kernan, is a native to St. Louis, Missouri. After ballet training, she began her circus skills at a early age when she joined the acrobatic team, the St. Louis Arches. Honing her skills in tumbling, juggling and aerial work as a member of that team, she performed professionally with Circus Flora for several seasons. Successfully accomplishing 4 years of study at Florida State University, where she also had the opportunity to be part of FSU’s Flying High Circus, she returned to the circus world. Excelling as an aerialist, she rose to be featured in the performance with her exciting trapeze routine involving dives and
reverse drops! During the period with Circus Flora, Claire got to know fellow cast member, Alex Wallenda. They each became
extremely fond of each other and in June of 2014, they were married. Now Claire not only thrills crowds with her aerial talents
on the trapeze, but also on the high wire as a member of the Wallenda family and teaming up with her husband, Alex, in a demonstration of juggling expertise.

J P Theron
J P hails from the illustrious Theron family of
bicycle artistry fame from the land of France. Early on he discovered his talent and desire to make people laugh. A protégé of one of the leading clown-comedians in the circus world, Alfredo Landon, he spent his early year under Alfredo’s leadership actively with on-the-job performing-training. He has portrayed Emmet Kelly in a film about the America’s most famous clown. His other credits in the circus world include performing on the sway pole at dizzying heights above the arena floor and diving from a platform 40-50 feet above the circus ring into an air mattress while having set himself in blazing fire.

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